DSC_0216                                                       Pastor Joe & Brandy Tucker

                                                                        Youth Pastor


The youth ministry at Living Faith provides young people from grades 6 – 12 many opportunities to grow in their faith, develop meaningful relationships with others, and to make sense out of life.  Together we are discovering that the Word of God has practical answers for the challenges our teenagers face today as well as the challenges they will face tomorrow.

Beginning June 1st, the young people will be meeting on Monday night from 6:30 to about 8 p.m.  Though this time is designed to be fun, it always includes a valuable time of teaching.  The topics we discuss are tailored especially for teenagers.  We try to cover the issues that affect their world: peer pressure, drug abuse, sex, respecting others, and the importance of making good decisions.

Making Friends

We understand how crucial it is for our teenagers to have healthy relationships with other kids their age, so we have created environments to develop those healthy friendships. Once a month we host a “Game Night”. We play video games, football, basketball, and usually some kind of wacky group game.  Of course, there is always food, music, and prizes. We also plan an event, every six weeks or so, away from the church. We may go to a concert, spend a day at a local lake, go to the coast, or just paint balling.  These are designed to be fun events where kids can just hang out and have fun in a safe environment. All of this along with our annual youth camp and youth convention make for opportunities to make good friends while drawing closer to God.

Helping Others

Helping others is something we are also passionate about. Every year we go on a missions trip that the teens are encouraged to be a part of both local and foreign. It was so exciting to see these young people give their time to help someone they didn’t even know.

Contact: Pastor Joe Tucker 942-2612